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Vikings Football

by Chuck on 10/20/14

OK ,  the last question was pretty dumb, now that Teddy has played a few games we know he's not any good. 

  Do you think Adrian Peterson is still beating the shit out of his kids?  Did getting fired make him re-think his behavior?  Or did it just piss him off?  

Vikings Football

by Chuck on 09/30/14

Is Teddy Bridgewater going to be the greatest quarter back the Viking's have ever seen?

NBA Clippers Owner

by Chuck on 05/01/14

Should the Owner really be banned from the NBA? What if he was telling the truth

sex positions

by Chuck on 04/11/14

What's your favorite position? 


by Chuck on 04/08/14

Why would people nickname someone Horse ? 


by Chuck on 03/31/14

Can you get Crabs if your balls are shaved?

What is a Blog?

by Chuck on 03/23/14

Just exactly what is a Blog? 

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